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Friends of Yemin Orde

Supporting residential communities for at-risk youth in Israel. Your gift changes lives.
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Yemin Orde Youth Village

Yemin Orde provides a home, school and safe haven to hundreds of at-risk youth from around the world.
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Village Way
Educational Initiatives

An educational consortium empowering educators through expansion of the Village Way methodology in Israel.
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News Center

2018 #GivingTuesday Global Fundraiser Launches

2018 #GivingTuesday global campaign to help support therapeutic arts programs at Yemin Orde Youth Village. One-day fundraising goal is $36,000. …

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Yemin Orde Celebrates Ethiopian Festival of Sigd

At Yemin Orde Youth Village, youth and staff unite to celebrate the Ethiopian festival of Sigd. Sigd is celebrated by …

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Village Way Educators Encourage At-Risk Students to Dream

Educators at Village Way schools encourage at-risk students to believe in themselves in order to achieve their dreams. By Karen …

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Graduate Success Stories

Ro’ee Eytanash

Ro’ee Eytanash grew up in a village in Ethiopia. Today, he serves as a naval engineering officer in the Israel Defense Forces.

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Tamara Shein Shneor

As a teenager in Iran, Tamara managed to find her way to Israel, alone, in search of a safe haven to call home.

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Nofar Getanech Desta

Nofar Getanech Desta is certain that “living and learning at Yemin Orde was the best thing that happened in my life”.

Read Nofar Getanech Desta's Story

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Yemin Orde Youth Village provides a home, a school and a safe haven to at-risk immigrant youth in Israel. Fragile teens receive loving-care and emotional support by a team of dedicated staff and professionals so that they can thrive and become productive citizens of Israel.

Village Way Educational Initiatives expands the circle of care to thousands more children in Israel's youth villages, public high schools and residential therapeutic communities. Help support Israel's next generation of leaders.