Seven new youth villages and high schools have joined the Village Way Educational Initiatives, bringing us to a total of 55 educational communities. We are happy to welcome educators and youth in Ashdod from the Amit network.

Educators at partner communities spent the summer months preparing new programs and lesson plans guided by Village Way Educational Institute facilitators, and provided positive energy and well wishes for starting the year off right. During the first week of school, educators planned special activities and celebrations to ensure a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for thousands of at-risk youth in Israel.

The summer’s Village Way Educational Institute “training sessions” for educators focused on how best to meet the needs of the school’s at-risk youth.

For example, educators from Nahalat Youth Village focused on responding to behavioral issues the Village Way, through a meaningful process of “tikkun” or repair rather than punishment. “I have been through more than a few training sessions in all my years working at a youth village, but this was completely different. It was an interesting and thought-inspiring day,” said a veteran educator from Nahalat Youth Village.

Educators plan for an exciting school year

Summer vacation can provide teens in Village Way educational frameworks with challenges other than school work. For instance, when school is over, many youth return to complex home environments, while others are exposed to negative influences and dangerous behaviors such as alcohol, drugs, violence and crime. During the summer, Village Way educators created lessons plans that allow youth to discuss their summer activities, both negative and positive, and open up to deeper discussions about “who am I, and who do I want to be?”

Meir, Director of Informal Education at Ramat Hadassah Youth Village, wrote, “I am happy to share that the informal educational team has utilized activities, and our evening activities this week have been excellent. They really helped our staff plan the first week back and talk to the kids with great confidence.”

The following photos are examples of how partner school communities marked the start of a promising new school year.

Village Way empowers educators

Village Way Educational Initiatives, founded by Chaim Peri in 2006, expands the Village Way methodology to more youth villages, therapeutic residential communities and high schools for at-risk youth, including schools in Arab communities. Since its launch, the Educational Initiatives has impacted 19,820 youth and 2,500 educators in 55 communities.

The goal is to reach 55,000 youth and 4,100 educators in 91 communities by 2026.

Learn more about the Village Way and how its innovative educational methodology is having an impact on more at-risk youth and educators in Israel than ever thought possible.

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