Boston’s Krupp family dedicates new home at Yemin Orde Youth Village.

Douglas Krupp, along with his mother, Bernice Krupp, and other family members and friends, recently gathered at Yemin Orde Youth Village in Israel to celebrate the opening of a new and fully modernized home for girls, which was built with the generosity of the Krupp Foundation. The home, where 25 teens now live, features comfortable study and living spaces, as well as upgraded security features.

Douglas Krupp is Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of the Berkshire Group, a real estate investment management company in Boston; His wife, Judith Krupp is a partner of Burnt Umber, a Boston-based theater production company. The Krupps provided the funds for the new home, which was dedicated in honor of Douglas Krupp’s 97-year-old mother, Bernice Carlin Krupp, and in memory of his father, A. Philip Krupp z”l. The new residence is named after the beloved late Israeli singer-songwriter, Naomi Shemer.

Yemin Orde's youth welcome Krupp family.
Krupp family is welcomed to new girls home at Yemin Orde Youth Village.

“My father said to me that no one can define you but you,” Douglas Krupp said to the youth, staff, and invited guests at the ceremony. “I just want you to know that Yemin Orde is a stepping stone and you’ll go off to college or the army, but you’ll never stop learning. Learning is a process you will go through your whole life.”

In a special message to Yemin Orde’s youth, Judith Krupp explained: “The home is named in honor of two individuals who lived each day committed to tzedekah and tikkun olam and taught by example the importance of family, friendship and being there for others. And their love and dedication of Eretz Yisroel! Yemin Orde represents so much of the vision, passion, courage, resiliency and faith it took to establish this nation and I pray that you all continue to be encouraged and inspired to go from strength to strength!”

Douglas Krupp was very involved in all of the details that went into building the new home.

“He brought so much thought for the children at Yemin Orde for this project. Douglas and Judith care so much about our youth. The Krupps brought their wisdom and expertise and we are so grateful,” said Susan Weijel, Deputy Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village.

Thank you to the Krupp family

Shmuli Bing, Director, Yemin Orde Youth Village, thanked the Krupp family for their generosity and encouraged the youth in attendance to reflect on the importance of giving back and the positive change it can trigger.

“Besides a verbal “thank you” to the Krupp family, the greatest “thank you” is promising that you will be better every day. The Krupps invested in us and we should commit to invest in ourselves by studying harder, participating in after school programs and doing everything we can to improve every day,” said Shmuli Bing.

Youth share their journeys with Krupp family.
Yemin Orde youth share their journeys with Krupp family.

Other speakers at the dedication ceremony included two 12th grade girls who now live in the home and are both originally from Ukraine. They arrived at Yemin Orde a few years ago without family or friends in Israel, and without any Hebrew language skills.

Entertainment was provided by the Village’s Y-Orde Band, with one of the young singers performing the song, “Jerusalem of Gold” by Naomi Shemer.

After visiting Yemin Orde in 2015 with his mother, Douglas Krupp noticed the deteriorating conditions of the homes and decided to establish a $1 million challenge grant to build two new homes. The second new home, which will be for boys, is supported by other philanthropists in U.S. and U.K. has also been completed and will be dedicated in October 2019.

New homes provide safe spaces and self-esteem

The Naomi Shemer home is dedicated in honor of Bernice Krupp and in memory of A. Philip Krupp z”l.

These new homes are meaningful to the teens who live there as they represent a deep sense of trust in them and their abilities, as well as provide confidence and self-worth to Yemin Orde’s youth, many of whom have no other home in Israel.

The new girls’ homes feature more private space in each bedroom and a bathroom and shower area for each bedroom suite of four girls.

Additionally, the new homes have upgraded security rooms, made of fortified concrete, which is required by Israeli law. These new security rooms double as the home’s clubhouse where teens can gather to relax and spend free time together. The rooms are also equipped with a new kitchen area.

The old homes did not have this fortified security room. Israel’s Ministry of Education also requires a special system for protecting against chemical warfare. The new homes now have this special system.

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