The late September dates of the Jewish high holidays allowed almost a full month of school for youth in Israel.

Yemin Orde Youth Village remains open throughout the year for youth, graduates and staff, including during Jewish holidays. For example, during the recent Day of Atonement observance (Yom Kippur), approximately 600 youth, graduates, staff and friends gathered at the Village to observe the holiday, discuss its meaning and learn together.

The evening before the Yom Kippur holiday, 160 graduates arrived at the Village to celebrate, fast and spend the night. After the evening prayer, there was an impromptu discussion between the graduates and youth.

Graduates returned to Yemin Orde for learning and observing Yom Kippur.
160 graduates returned to Yemin Orde to observe Yom Kippur together.

The graduates reflected about the importance and concept of Tikkun (repair, self-reflection), and what it means to them. The graduates also reflected on their past year and talked about ways to achieve their goals. “I ask myself before I go to sleep: what did I do today that was good, that needs improving and how can I improve tomorrow when I wake up?” said a graduate.

Learning together the Village Way

Staff and educators also facilitated discussions between those who have more experience in the real world (the graduates) and those who will gain experience (the youth). These conversations gave the youth a chance to think about how they can initiate change as they grow older, moving on from the Village into adulthood.

Indeed, these Yom Kippur discussions proved to be a very empowering experience or all.

Yemin Orde Helps Graduates Throughout Their Lives

Yemin Orde's Graduate Day program provides scholarships for learning and financial aid.
Yemin Orde’s Graduate Day program provides academic scholarships and financial aid.

Years after graduating Yemin Orde Youth Village, alumni are accomplished and productive citizens of Israel. Graduates know the Village and its staff are always there to help them in any way.

Yemin Orde’s Graduate Program provides academic scholarships and financial assistance in times of need. Indeed, the promise that “Yemin Orde will always be there for you” is important to every person who has ever lived at the Village.

Additionally, graduates who enter the military or volunteer in Israel’s National Service Program often receive financial and emotional support throughout their service.

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