Friends of Yemin Orde is proud to recognize its generous supporters with beautiful permanent tributes that are installed in meaningful locations in the Village and are seen by thousands of visitors.

L'Chaim Society

The L’Chaim Society is Friends of Yemin Orde’s recognition program for L'Chaim Society Wallindividuals who have made financial provisions for Yemin Orde Youth Village and Yemin Orde's Village Way Educational Initiatives through an estate plan or other trust arrangement. Membership in the L'Chaim Society is offered to any donor who has made a legacy or outright gift to Friends of Yemin Orde Endowment Fund.

The name L'Chaim has, of course multiple meanings. It honors Chaim Peri, the remarkable educational visionary. It is also the traditional exclamation of celebration. The names of those who make an endowment gift will be celebrated with an inscription on the L'Chaim Society Wall of Honor at the Village.

Wall of Honor

Wall-of-Honor-closeupWe are honored to recognize supporters of Yemin Orde and its programs of $10,000 or more on a beautifully-designed Wall of Honor, located in the heart of Yemin Orde Youth Village on Mount Carmel.

This Wall of Honor structure was designed by Yaron Kooperstock, a young Israeli architect whose sensitive interpretation of the spirit of Yemin Orde has inspired his designs for the Graduate House, Art Center and several of the newer children’s homes. After making a gift, your name/s (or that of your family, foundation or designee) will be engraved onto specially designed plaques attached to the wall.

B'nai Mitzvah Wall of Honor

Friends of Yemin Orde also honors teens and adults who completed their b'nai mitzvah and designated gifts of $1,800 or more for programs at the Village. These gifts are made in conjunction with our Meaning Through Mitzvot program, which allows b'nai mitzvah candidates to impact the lives of at-risk children in Israel by sharing the blessings of Tikkun Olam with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah project.

BnaiMitzvah WallofHonorThe B'nai Mitzvah Wall of Honor is located in the Village's social hall, adjacent to the synagogue. The scroll is inscribed with the individual's name, year of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and city. Talented Israeli graphic designer Kfir Malka created the wall in cooperation with Dr. Chaim Peri.

For information on how to make a gift in honor of a loved one, family or friend, please email Friends of Yemin Orde at [email protected] or call our National Office at 202.237.0286.

Sustaining Friends

We invite you to join our exclusive Sustaining Friends program which is an important fundraising tool providing an ongoing source of Sustaining Friends WEBfunding for important programs and activities at Yemin Orde Youth Village and Yemin Orde’s Village Way Educational Initiatives.

A Sustaining Friend will have their name highlighted in bold in Friends of Yemin Orde’s Honor Roll of donors, which is printed in the Annual Report. Also, a Sustaining Friend is a positive role model for family, friends and colleagues when recognized for his/her extraordinary commitment to Israel and its at-risk youth. Find out more.