Our video library reflects Yemin Orde’s magic

Explore our video library to get a sense of the magic and beauty of Yemin Orde Youth Village. Yemin Orde is home to more than 400 at-risk and immigrant youth from around the world. At Yemin Orde, traumatized teens find a home, a quality education and a safe haven in order to learn to embrace hope for a future as  productive citizens of Israel. Our graduates often return to the Village for ceremonies, life cycle events, academic scholarships or as a place of refuge in times of need.

Watch our latest videos below which includes a virtual tour (#1) of the Village with Racheli Yaso, Director, Visitor Relations and Outreach, Yemin Orde Youth Village, as well as an insiders look at the Village Way Educational Initiatives symposium (#2), attended by nearly 1,000 of Israel’s top educators.

Our videos are the next best thing to being there!