Village Way Educational Initiatives LOGOIn 2006, Israel’s Ministry of Education urged Yemin Orde Youth Village to expand its unique and successful circle of care to thousands of other youth at-risk throughout Israel and, consequently, Yemin Orde's Village Way Educational Initiatives was launched.

2018 Hanukkah Update

2018 Passover Update

Founded by education visionary Chaim Peri, the Initiatives directly impact Israel’s struggling youth village populations by providing teacher training, workshops, interventions and other special programs. Its innovative "Village Way" methodologies are designed to enhance the spiritual well-being, character development and leadership potential of first-generation Israelis who come from poverty-stricken families and broken homes.

Watch the following videos to learn more about the Educational Initiatives and how this innovative and successful educational methodology is changing the nature of education for at-risk youth in Israel. The two videos below showcase the highly successful Village Way Educational Initiatives 2016 symposium, attended by nearly 1,000 of Israel's top educators, and an overview of the successes and expansion of the Village Way methodology throughout Israel.

The Village Way's resources and training through its Derech Kfar (Village Way) Educational Institute are widely praised throughout Israel as a model of educational excellence. Its methodologies are integrated into university-level education courses (Oranim University, Haifa) and in Israel’s public school system, including schools in the Israeli-Arab communities.

As of September, 2018 the Village Way is working with 44 educational communities in Israel:

  • 15 Ministry of Education youth villages
  • 27 Public high schools
  • 3 Ministry of Welfare therapeutic residential schools

The Village Way Educational Initiatives also launched two pre-military leadership programs for immigrant youth (called Mechina in Hebrew). One program is for men and one program is for women.

Click map to enlarge view of Village Way partners in Israel.


  • Aloney Yitzchak (near Cesearea)
  • Alumim Youth Village
  • Desert Stars Program
  • Hadassah Neurim (on the coast, near Netanya)
  • Kedma (northern Negev)
  • Kfar Hassidim (lower Galillee, near Haifa)
  • Ketziney Yam Ashdod (southern coastal region)
  • Manof (northern region)
  • Nahalat Yehuda (in partnership with Avi Naor's Youth Village initiative)
  • Neveh Amiel (near Haifa)
  • Neveh Hassadah (in the Sharon region)
  • Ramat Hadassah Youth Village
  • TOM (on the coastal plain)
  • WIZO Nahalal Youth Village
  • Zoharim Youth Village (near Jerusalem)


  • Adivi Ashkelon Ort Technology (Ashkelon)
  • Amal Energy Tech High School Hadera
  • Atid Dalyat Al-Carmel High School (Dalyat Al-Carmel)
  • Ashdod Amal Technology (Ashdod)
  • Beit Ha'arava Ort Technology (Jerusalem)
  • Beit She'an Ort Technology (Beit Shean)
  • Branco-Weiss Tachkimoni School (Hadera)
  • Daliyat Al Karmel Ort Technology (Haifa)
  • Emunah Torah and Arts High School (Jerusalem)
  • Geula ORT Tel Aviv High School
  • Ibn Rushd Tamra Technology (Arab community, Tamra)
  • Jisr a-Zarqa Atid Technology High School (Jirs a-Zarqa, central coast)
  • Mahat Acco Ort Technology* (Acco)
  • Makr-Jdede Naamat High School (east of Akko)
  • Marom Acco Ort Technology (Acco)
  • Miftan Tamra High School
  • Mitrani Ort Holon High School (central region)
  • Naamat Ein Mahal High School
  • Naamat Lod High School
  • Ormat High School (Yavne)
  • Pisgaot Ort High School (Migdal HaEmek)
  • Shimshon Amal Technology High School
  • Tel Aviv Amal Technology High School (Jaffa)
  • Tel Nof Ort Air Force Technology High School (Rehovot)
  • Tvunot High School
  • Yad Shapira Ort Technology (Tel Aviv)
  • Yitzchak Shamir Ort High School (Kfar Saba)

*Part of the Arab Sector Initiative of the Kennedy Leigh Charitable Trust


  • Eden Therapeutic (community for girls)
  • Talpiot (residential and day programs, children 6-14 years old)
  • Beit Haboger (community for boys)

Since beginning the program, the Village Way has reached more than 14,200 children and 1,775 staff members.

yoie2Two leading colleges in Israel are teaching the Village Way educational methodology in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Outside of Israel, the Village Way has assisted and inspired other projects for at-risk children in such diverse places as the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda and San Pasqual Academy in San Diego.

Read about the 10 Core Components of the Village Way. Learn more about Chaim Peri.

Update: Read a 2018 report  on the expansion and success of the Village Way Educational Initiatives in Israel.

The Future

Yemin Orde's Village Way Educational Initiatives is ready for the about_villagewaynext phase of its expansion. Its methodology has proved itself an effective and relevant educational and life skills tool in theory and in practice in a variety of settings. Village Way leadership is pursuing the possibility of working with an entire town’s education system (1,200 children) and is currently working with a public high school in an Israeli-Arab community. The Marcus Foundation of Atlanta, Ga., has made an additional commitment to the Village Way of $6.5 million over five years beginning in 2016.

The goal is to reach a total of 61 educational communities by 2021, thereby impacting 2,800 educators and 25,500 youth at risk in Israel.

Village Way Educational Initiatives is an independent entity supported through the fundraising efforts of Friends of Yemin Orde. Yemin Orde Youth Village continues to serve as a model of excellence for the Educational Initiatives as well as provide facilities for staff and teacher training and workshops for professionals from around the world.