Graduate Roi Etenesh recently was inducted into the Israel Defense Forces as a naval engineering officer. He grew up in Ethiopia and made aliyah with his family when he was a teenager. Tragically, both of Roi’s parents passed away shortly after arriving in Israel.

Roi thrived at Yemin Orde Youth Village. He studied hard and was active in the Yemin Orde Children’s Choir. Roi was considered a role model among his peers because of his warm personality and  outgoing demeanor.

In 2017, Roi graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

While he was a student, Roi helped create a new stretcher for hard-to-reach emergency medical situations. The new apparatus, which is called the Adventure Stretcher, is already used in the field by Emergency Medical Services teams.

Roi’s goal is to give back to Yemin Orde and to help others in need with the same support and kindness shown to him by the Village’s teachers, staff members and friends.

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