Bringing the Village Way to California.

 Yemin Orde’s Batya Shmueli and graduate Sheyla Berkovich traveled throughout California on a 10-day tour that included discussions with synagogue groups, Jewish federations, organizations and individuals about Yemin Orde and the expansion of the Village Way educational methodology throughout Israel.

Batya serves as the Village’s Resource Director and Community Relations Manager; Sheyla, 20,  is a Yemin Orde graduate who is currently serving in a Combat Search and Rescue Unit of the Israel Defense Forces.  She plans to study structural engineering when her military service is completed.

Many thanks to all those who helped organize meetings, hosted Batya and Sheyla in their homes and attended our programs.

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You can contact us to learn about how you can help spread the word about Yemin Orde in your community. We will gladly meet with you or provide you with printed information about the Village, including brochures, CDs, videos and other marketing and promotional materials.

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